What are our Customers Saying.........

My son and I visited American Spirit Arms from Alberta, Canada, to check out their rifle lineup. Ryan Smith, the armorer, and the new owners took my son Robson and I out for a desert shoot. ASA offers an accuracy guarantee and the rifles definitely back it up. We set up at an outdoor location that had a metal plate on a hillside hundreds of yards away. The rifles were stupid accurate. Shooting them was like cheating.

Ric Cameron, Cameron Arms


Having had a thirty-two year career in law enforcement, which included being a Special Response Team Commander, and member of a Counter-Terrorist Team, I place a particularly high value upon having and using firearms that I know are reliable, durable, and accurate. With that as a mindset, and after doing much research, I purchased my personally-owned AR-15 some nineteen years ago from the American Spirit Arms Company. Using match ammunition that rifle consistently gave me five-shot groups that would go into ¼ of an inch, day in and day out. Of course, after nineteen years it is now time to replace the barrel of that rifle.

When I returned to A.S.A. to have the rifle re-barreled and being cognizant that there have been many changes in the company in the intervening years, I was pleasantly surprised by A.S.A.’s new and spacious showroom and line of very proven as well as new innovative products. I also had the opportunity to deal face to face with Mr. Ryan Smith and other personnel. I can say at the outset it was reassuring to deal with such knowledgeable, professional, and courteous people.

Though I am days away from having my rifle completed I am confident that my somewhat ancient rifle will be returned to me so that I can, even with my much older eyes, return to having the remarkable accuracy I have had for these last nineteen years.

To the owners and employees of American Spirit Arms I thank you for all the years of satisfying shooting I have had and will have with your rifle, and will say “Job Well Done”!

To anyone interested in purchasing a new rifle or upgrading an old AR rifle, be you a novice or a professional, I would strongly suggest that you put A.S.A. at the top of your list. At the very least, you should visit their showroom and talk with the friendly American Spirit Arms personnel.


Thomas “Mac” M., Spec. Agt. (ret.)


Dear sir or madam:

I received my 9mm rifle back from your factory today, after it was sent in for repair. The problem I was having was the bolt lock would not hold the bolt in the open position and after a 9mm Colt magazine block upgrade, the magazine catch would not hold the magazine in place. In fact when firing the rifle, the magazine would drop out of the magazine well.

Unable to resolve the problem by email, Ryan had me send the rifle in to the factory for trouble shooting and repair. I am happy to report that I shot 80 rounds through the rifle today, with no issues. The bolt lock work better then it ever has and the magazines remained locked in the magazine well.

I would like to thank the people at American Spirit who participated in making this rifle right and a special thanks to Ryan, who owned the issue to resolution. Also worth mentioning is Ryan talked me into purchasing the Colt upgrade (he knows the product) and gave personal feedback by phone as to the status of my repair. This was greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work.

A satisfied customer


Me in province of Baqubah, Iraq. I was able to take my own upper that was equipped with the ASA side charger. I still have it and take it to the range. Best upper ever. Adam F.


ASA team,

You guys have been so great to me from my initial purchase, though the end of my "build." Great customer service, help with my initial order placement, assistance with modifications I needed to make, and even helping me out when I couldn't locate a replacement part. At risk of repeating myself, my entire experience with your company has been GREAT!

I would like to know, in what way, can I give back? I'm definitely not a promotional executive, so I don't know what options there might be but I'd love to assist in any way I'm capable, on my blue collar budget. :-) I've even considered your logo on my vehicle (Dodge, Charger), spread on the hood and doors; To dropping off advertising materials at all "my area" gun stores.

Let me know if there's any way I can help.

Thank you again,
Shawn R.



This morning I stopped in [to American Spirit Arms], my 1st visit ever, to obtain some vise blocks to finally complete my 1st AR build. I was greeted by Ryan, very cool dude BTW.. Who proceeded in giving some good insight as to the quality of the blocks he had and what I was originally looking for. They sell the clamshell upper blocks which I've always heard were probably the best when torquing barrels however also marred the finish. Me being the total prick that I am about keeping my toys and tools in pristine condition, I didn't want a clamshell. After speaking with Ryan about this, he confirmed and showed me just exactly what would happen and confirmed that IF it marred the finish with a pressure blem, it in fact would NOT be permanent. Especially when all it takes is placing a thin shop towel over where it clamps down. I was also offered, and you bet your ass I took him up on it, a personal tour of their in-house manufacturing facility. They truly DO create these beautiful parts we have all come to know and desire right there. You can imagine I was like a kid in a candy store walking around with him, explaining each and every CNC and lathe. what parts they make, etc. It was just awesome. Ryan. you earned a new and loyal customer. As I mentioned to you when I first arrived, I didn't even know you were here practically in my backyard. Had I known before sourcing parts for my current build, I would have just come directly to you guys. It sucks that I'm at the point that all I needed were the 2 pieces to complete my necessary tools to finish the job. I will however be talking with you in the near future regarding a smaller caliber project I'm thinking about doing for my son, whose 7yrs old and has never pulled a trigger on anything stronger than an air soft rifle. You guys are truly a class act. The fact you offered to give me a tour my first time ever walking in, just shows your commitment to not only providing excellent quality parts, but also your interest in stellar customer service. I can't think of another manufacturer that would do this... as I've asked and was given the usual, "sorry, insurance doesn't cover it so GFY" Thanks again for the great experience Ryan. We'll talk again soon.