American Spirit Arms Awarded US Patent for Side Charger

American Spirit Arms Side Charger Receiver
February 11, 2013



Scottsdale, Arizona – American Spirit Arms is proud to announce that on December 18, 2012 they were awarded a US Patent for their innovative side charger, also referred to as Side Handle Firearm Actuation System. US Patent No. 8,333,137 identification will accompany all side charging products from American Spirit Arms going forward.

Side charging upper receivers in various calibers have been in production and available from American Spirit Arms dating back several years, including many of their firearm models equipped with this feature. As a very popular option for AR platforms, the side charger upper receiver provides distinct benefits in suitable firearm applications. These applications include a simplified means to charge the firearm chamber when the shooter is in the typical firing position, and improved access to the charging handle when certain optics are mounted to the upper rail of the receiver. Additionally, the side charger function from ASA is non-reciprocating, where the charging handle stays in place during each shot.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, American Spirit Arms is a leading US manufacturer of precision firearms, offering the highest quality parts, accessories and complete rifles. Modeled after the AR firearm platform, American Spirit Arms builds only the finest components and rifles available today.

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4 Responses to American Spirit Arms Awarded US Patent for Side Charger

  1. Kenneth Parker says:

    When will this be availible to the market? and at what price?

  2. Brandon says:

    I just got mine last Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013. Excellent construction and craftsmanship. Perfect fit and smooth charging action.

  3. Al says:

    Can’t wait for my Side Charging Upper Lower Combo… should be here by 7/1/14. Can anyone help me with light weight tactical hand guards that fit over the Armalite barrel nut> I’m drawing a big blank.

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